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Sozo Prayer Ministry Workshop

Growing in Grace Ministries

1384 Gunbarrel Road, Chattanooga, TN 37421, USA

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Event Description

SOZO PRAYER MINISTRY WORKSHOPS utilize Sozo based tools in a group setting to help you gain more freedom, enhancing your relationships with both God and others.  Each workshop is designed to target a certain area for abundant living and lasting freedom.   Attending all six workshops would serve as a spiritual “spring cleaning.”  All workshops are on a Saturday morning from 8:45am to Noon.

Everyone can benefit from these Prayer Ministry Workshops including those interested in or preparing for personal ministry at GGM; those wanting to experience ministry in the anonymity of a group setting; and, generally, everyone wanting further breakthrough in their lives.

Attendance is free of charge.  Registration through Ticketbud is required. Opportunity to give an offering to GGM will be provided and greatly encouraged.  Childcare is not available.

Join us and experience healing and freedom.

2014 Prayer Ministry Workshops

Workshop 1 - A Deeper Relationship – July 19th - 8:45am to Noon

     **Hearing the Voice of God
     **Closing Doors to Sin
     **Soaking In the Presence of God

Workshop 2 – Experiencing the Father's Love – August 16th - 8:45am to Noon

     **Exchanging Curses for Blessings
     **Receiving the Truth about God

Workshop 3 – Inviting Truth to Set You Free – Sept 20th - 8:45am to Noon

     **Identifying Ungodly Beliefs and Negative Mindsets
     **Receiving the Truth that Sets You Free

Workshop 4 – Breaking Down the Walls – Oct 18th - 8:45am to Noon

     **Released from Trauma
     **Dealing with Negative Emotions and Destructive Reactions

Workshop 5 – Reclaiming Our True Identity - Nov 15th - 8:45am to Noon

     **Identifying and Defeating Shame
     **Returning to Joy

Workshop 6 – Thriving with God – Dec 13th - 8:45am to Noon

     **Breaking Free from Victim Mentality - From Powerless to Powerful
     **True Intimacy and Trust 

Map of Event Location
Saturday, July 19th, 2014 8:45 am – 12:00 pm